With over 20 years experience, the Atelier Martin Berger functions as a truly experimental artistic laboratory of materials. As experts in the design and fabrication of unique mural finishes within the decorative arts and leaders in the research of individual surfaces, Martin Berger and his workshop push the relationship between materials to their limits for an immense range of projects within the luxury and interior architecture sectors.

Martin Berger

Born in 1964, living and working in Grenoble, France.
Martin Berger delicately and purposefully engraves his gestures and impressions of time into the dense material within which he works. Educated at the École du Louvre, he draws inspiration from nature and from studies of form within the decorative arts, hugely inspired by the ideas of the turn of the 20th century.
Aesthetics and beauty are quintessential to his works, joining as they do so completely with the environment into which they are placed. In doing so, Martin Berger offers the spectator immersion within the ever-changing universe. His pieces move with a slow, hypnotic, and sometimes even mechanical pace, honouring the kinetic and optical art of the 1950s. Searching for a prolongation of gesture and time, his idols are as varied as Jérôme Bosch to Frank Stella; Julio Le Parc to Antoni Tàpies. Martin Berger's work can be viewed publicly and privately in collections in Paris, London, Hong-Kong, Shenzhen, Dubaï and Geneva.


The Atelier Martin Berger relies on the expertise of artist Martin Berger and on a profoundly multidisciplinary team working with material, texture and colour. Both a creative, innovative workshop and a research facility, the Atelier Martin Berger fuels its knowledge and its inspiration with the pursuit and accomplishment of made-to-measure projects for its clients.

The workshop is present in each project from prototype to execution, from model to manufacture : limited edition series, refined surfaces, hybrids models, carvings, stitched tracings, drawings and photographed images on canvas, textured paper and panels, created as installations on location or at the workshop.

The founders

Ariane Berger and Martin Berger founded the Atelier Martin Berger in 2003.

Ariane Berger studied marketing in France and the United States. Her experience spans the tourism and airline industries to educational film and video distribution. Martin Berger was taught at the Louvre. His career began in antiques, and his artistic road also lead him to through workshops in France and the United States.

Together, they created their own artistic and decorative universe, and it was with an empathetic and human aesthetic vision that they constructed their team. The members of this team come from the worlds of graphic design, decoration, couture and classic art to participate with their expertise and energy to the delicacy of each creation for projects of all sizes, in France as abroad.